Thursday, September 20, 2018

Reading Room BRAIN FANTASY "Drooms Day"

Most current comics fans think of 1960s-70s underground comics as just pornography and weird humor...
...when, due to the Comics Code, they (and b/w newstand magazines) presented some rather daring and sophisticated sf/fantasy storytelling!
Despite the "to be continued..." caption at the end, there were, sadly, no further chapters to this never-reprinted story from Last Gasp's Brain Fantasy #1 (1972).
Editor/Writer/Artist Rick Shubb, despite being comic book-influenced, did very few comic stories.
He did do concert posters for various bands in the 1960s-70s as seen HERE, but has gained fame as the as the inventor of the Shubb Capo, a very popular guitar/banjo accessory.
Shubb also invented the lever-operated banjo fifth string capo, the compensated banjo bridge, and holds several other U.S. and international patents on musical instrument accessories and improvements.
He's also a noted and influential 5-string banjo player and teacher.
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