Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wednesday Worlds of What Th... SIDNEY MELLON'S THUNDERSKULL! "When Demons Do Clash!" Conclusion!

Now, witness the cataclysmic clash that only Sidney Mellon could devise!
Writers Gerard Jones & Will Jacobs and artists Chuck Austen, Norman Felche & Mike Christian produced the ultimate parody/tribute to the enthusiastic, youthful, but incredibly-inexperienced (and sometimes totally-inept) creators who jumped on the b/w speculator bandwagon in the late 1980s!
To ram the point home, they provided a text piece that conveyed the message that this was a spoof.
Ironically, it was too subtle for some readers...
But wait!
There's MORE!
Every magnum opus needs a climax, and Sidney Mellon's ThunderSkull is no exception!
There is an adult-only finale (that means there's naked breasts, guys!) that truly exemplifies the cry "He COMES!"!
If you're over 18, you can see it HERE!
BTW, for the patriotic among you, we previously-presented a historical piece about Independence Day HERE!
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