Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trump Reading Room TALES TO OFFEND "Lance Blastoff on the Dinosaur Planet"

Here's what a veteran of Don the Con's Space Force might be like... he goes "independent contractor" after his tour of duty!
Lance Blastoff was Frank (Do I really have to tell you?) Miller's "redneck in space" satire.
Though this tale first appeared in Dark Horse Presents #100 (1995), we're running the reprint from Dark Horse's Tales to Offend (1997) since it's in glorious full color by Marie Severin.
(The first appearance was b/w)
23 years later, he's the very embodiment of Don the Con's "Deplorables" set in an EC-style future!
He smokes!
He drinks!
He swears!
He lies to women...and they love it!
He's Lance Blastoff, and he says, "Get it while you can get it, then get going while the going's good!" Lance Blastoff: Role model for the next millennium!
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  1. I'm conflicted. I want to think right, but I'm really craving barbecue right now. Great stuff!

    Rip Off


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