Sunday, July 1, 2018

Trump Reading Room SNAFU "Understanding the Atom: Diagram of an Atom Bomb"

Since Don the Con doesn't really understand what he's negotiating with Kim Jong Un about...
..we thought we'd offer this never-reprinted, easy-to-understand diagram from #2 (1956) of Atlas/Marvel's short-lived 1950s MAD magazine clone, SNAFU, written by Stan Lee and rendered by Joe Maneely.
Most of you are aware Marvel had a fairly-successful MAD clone in the 1970s-80s called CRAZY, but they also gave it a try back in the 1950s, with a three issue run!
As you can see from the contents page of #2... 
...the incredibly-versatile John Severin and Joe Maneely handled literally all the artwork for the series.
Also, Irving Forbush was their Alfred E Neuman / Sylvester P Smythe-type mascot, whose face was shown constantly.
Later versions of Irv in Not Brand Echh, What Th--?, and other comics didn't show his face, and his "costume" as Forbush-Man included an all-concealing cooking pot with holes in it as a mask!
To date, none of the material from these very hard-to-find issues of Snafu has ever been reprinted, which is a pity, because it's pretty damn good!
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