Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Steve Ditko on RetroBlogs!

It's no secret we at RetroBlogs are major Steve Ditko fans as you can see from our posts at...
...Secret Sanctum of Captain Video, where we covered some of his work on Get Smart, Gorgo, and Mysterious Traveler!
...Seduction of the Innocent, which showed a Ditko tale that was later re-drawn!
(Who would have the chutzpah to think they could do a better job than Sturdy Steve???)
...Hero Histories, which features one of his greatest co-creations, Captain Atom, one of his greatest creations, Mr A, as well as his only story co-starring The Batman!
...a never-reprinted Civil War tale in War: Past Present and Future...
...even a Western Comics Adventures entry...
...and a Crime and Punishment post!
Was there anything Ditko couldn't do?
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