Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday Worlds of What Th... SIDNEY MELLON'S THUNDERSKULL! "When Demons Do Clash!" Part 1

In the mid-1980s, almost anybody could get a b/w comic published... this weird mixture of bad Stan Lee, Frank Miller and How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way demonstrates!
Let us pause, dear reader, because I'm sure you're wondering "WTF IS THIS CRAP?"
As we mentioned earlier, as the first wave of comics speculators went ape over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (which was a parody of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and Ronin) and similar b/w titles, newborn direct-sales/comics shop industry was swamped by an incredible amount of inexpensively-produced b/w comics hoping to get on the sales bandwagon.
A couple were excellent and survived transitioning into color comics.
The vast majority were god-awful, produced by sincere, but inept, young writers and artists who inadvertantly took the worst of influences past and present, put them into a mental blender, and produced some truly pathetic pap that now lays in landfill all over the planet.
And then there was Slave Labor Graphic's Sidney Mellon's ThunderSkull!.
The pulse-pounding introduction to this tantalizing tome explains who Sidney is and how he came to be...
...or does it tell the true story?
For the answer, you'll have to come back next Wednesday...
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