Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Fun REX DEXTER OF MARS "...Goes Through!"

Ever hear of Nathaniel Nitkin?
If you're a Golden Age fan, you've probably read his work...including this story!
Nitkin wrote text features for Fox covering almost all their ongoing characters.
(Those text features were a requirement for the less-expensive periodical mailing permit the Post Office issued!)
Unfortunately, as this piece from Fox's Rex Dexter #1 (1940) shows, Nat would take a fairly generic genre plot and cram it into a story about whatever chararacter he was doing.
It's OK, but it lacks the weirdness of Dick Briefer's version of the strip.
BTW, the art is existing Briefer art "clipped" from a couple of stories!
Since it's never been reprinted, we thought Rex Dexter fans (and judging by the hits on his tales on Friday Fun, there are quite a number of you) would find the only non-Breifer Rex Dexter tale to be an interesting curiosity!
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