Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ellison Reading Room CHAMBER OF CHILLS "Delusion for a Dragon Slayer"

...and we'll be re-presenting several never-reprinted comics adaptations and original comics tales over the next couple of weeks, starting with the 46-year-old story under this slightly-misleading (though really kool) Gil Kane/Tom Palmer cover...
This cover-featured adaptation of Harlan Ellison's novella "Delusions for a Dragon Slayer" by writer Gerry Conway and artist Syd Shores in Marvel's Chamber of Chills #1 (1972) was part of editor Roy Thomas' attempt to do new comic adaptations of prose tales by big-name sci-fi/fantasy authors in a group of anthology titles.
Sadly, none of the books survived past the first year without going totally-reprint, or switching over to featuring new horror characters like The Living Mummy
This particular tale shows the weaknesses of the project all too well, with the art failing to really separate Warren Glazer Griffin's fantasy world from the real one, thereby weakening the whole point of the narrative!
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