Thursday, May 24, 2018

Reading Room SOJOURN "Kingdom of the Maggot: Hunters & Bagged Prey"

In the late 1970s, during the birth of the Direct Market and comic book stores...
...several publishers experemented with formats for Direct Sales Only periodicals.
One of them was Joe Kubert's White Cliffs Publishing, which produced Sojourn, a tabloid-sized anthology of two and three-page ongoing features by established pros like Kubert himself, Doug Wildey, Dick Giordano, Sergio Aragonés and John Severin along with newbies like Steve Bissette, who devoted his two pages per issue to a single-panel spread called Kingdom of the Maggot.
The first one included this descriptive paragraph...
The spread in #2, "Bagged Prey" didn't have a description!
Sadly, there wasn't a third issue.
Trivia: The co-publisher of the project was Ivan Snyder, who created/operated the mail-order business and comic distributor Superhero Enterprises/Heroes World, whose ads and catalogs were produced by Kubert and his school's students!
None of the strips or features in Sojourn (including Kubert's new Tor stories have ever been reprinted, except John Severin's Western strip The Eagle (in Warren's The Rook) which also ran the strips planned for the never-published Sojourn #3 and #4!
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