Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Fun REX DEXTER "Meets Lord Marvel"

Regular Friday Fun readers might note a couple of changes in Rex Dexter as of this story...
...from Fox's Mystery Men Comics #4 (1939) read on and see if you can find them!
Here's the two major changes...
1) the title drops "...of Mars here on Earth-2000 AD" for "...Interplanetary Adventurer".
Not a major change in itself, except the opening paragraph also says "In 1939..." then concludes with "...A century later...", moving the series several decades later from 2000 to 2039-2040, where it remains for the rest of the series!
I have no idea!
2) Rex and Cynde adapt the costumes designed by Lou Fine for the cover of Mystery Men Comics #2...
...which they'll continue to use, on and off, for the remainder of the series!

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