Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder CARSON OF VENUS "Girl in the Garden"

...attempting to reach Mars, Carson Napier fails to take the Moon's gravity into consideration and his trajectory takes him to Venus instead!
Ejecting from the ship before it crashes, Napier encounters a giant crustacean which almost devours him but for the intervention of three humanoids who bring the shaken and stranded Earthman to their home...
Writer Len Wein and illustrator Mike Kaluta continue the high adventure with the second installment of their adaptation of Burroughs' Pirates of Venus from DC's Korak: Son of Tarzan #47 (1972).
To readers of the time, it must have been frustrating to only have 5 to 7 pages of Carson at a time, since the book was bi-monthly!
But it was probably the only thing keeping the detail-oriented, but notoriously-slow Kaluta on Carson, The Spawn of Frankenstein strip in Phantom Stranger, and The Shadow (both of which which were also bi-monthly) along with several cover assignments per month!
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