Thursday, March 1, 2018

Reading Room PHANTASMAGORIA "Sinking Feeling"

One of the most unique talents to ever grace the comics field...
...Kenneth Smith's work is hard to find, but well-worth tracking down, as this story he wrote and illustrated proves!
This tale from Smith's self-published Phantasmagoria #2 (1972) is a pretty good example of both his scripting and illustrating, both of which are multi-layered and require several readings to grasp all the details.
Kenneth Smith's about as close to an actual Renaissance Man as has ever contributed to the comics field!
His best-known work was the self-published anthology Phantasmagoria, whose every aspect, including printing, was under his total control! 
Fantagraphics was so impressed they offered not only to publish a continuation of it (available below), they gave him an open forum for his writing, as shown HERE!
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