Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Reading Room MYSTERY IN SPACE "Secret of the Double Agent"

It was 1965, and secret agents were everywhere...
...even DC's Mystery in Space, whose 100th issue, introed a cover-featured "space spy" series!
(With a cover by Dick Dillin and Sheldon Moldoff!)
Written by Dave Wood, illustrated by Gil Kane, and guest-starring a Sean Connery-lookalike, an ongoing Interplanetary Investigations series seemed like a sure bet, but it disappeared after only one more appearance two issues later!
(BTW, neither of them have been reprinted!)
Instead, a new character, Ultra: the Multi-Alien took over the book until cancellation with #110!
Pity, since the Interplanetary Investigations strip showed such promise.
Considering DC had the rights to James Bond (which is why there were no comic adapatations of any of the Bond flicks after Dr No, which didn't do well due to being released before the movie came out), could you imagine what Gil Kane could've done illustrating any of the other pre-Roger Moore Bond movies?
Sadly, we'll never know.
Two notes:
1) The comic rights to 007 eventually lapsed and Marvel did two movie adaptations in the 1980s, For Your Eyes only and Octopussy.
Neither were big sellers.
2) DC had released Doctor No as part of the Showcase tryout comic as shown HERE.)
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