Sunday, February 25, 2018

Trump Reading Room MYSTERY IN SPACE "The Following Program is Pre-Recorded"

In this era of podcasts, which will be on the internet as long as the servers storing them operate...,
...such a tale as this might seem passe...except for the ending!
Appearing in the final issue (#117) of DC's Mystery in Space in 1981, and written by B S Watson, penciled by Don Newton, and inked by Steve Mitchell, the story takes the "last man on Earth" scenario to an unbelievably-narcissistic level!
I mean, he's the last person alive and all he can think of doing is recording and transmitting himself?
As to why it's a "Trump Reading Room" and not "Reading Room", tale?
Because we can see the world ending up  like this due to the Cheeto Benito's actions, and one of his followers surviving to become the self-obsessed fool we see here!
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