Thursday, February 15, 2018

Reading Room NORGE BENSON "Mad Scientist and His Metal Man"

Poor Norge got bounced from Monday by Lincoln's Birthday...
...but, knowing his legions of fans missed him, we just bounced him to today!
1) What are "the outskirts of Pluto"?
Pluto's a planet, not a town or city!
2) Why did Lomar claim he fled from Pluto?
He was in a cave on Pluto!
3) If the "robot" actually walked and talked, where were the mechanisms Norge would have to remove to fit in the metal shell?
This sad little tale from Fiction House's Planet Comics #24 (1943) is a far cry from the earlier Norge Benson adventures.
But this time, it's the story that disappoints, not the improving Fran Deitrick/Hopper art!
The script's not cute or whimsical.
It's just bad!
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