Monday, February 5, 2018

Reading Room NORGE BENSON "Attacked by the Aurorans"

As on Earth, there are hidden races in Pluto's unexplored wilds...
...and like the hidden races of Earth, these guys are somewhat xenophobic!
Since artist Al Walker was now in the military, one of the few female artists in 1940s comics, Fran Hopper (using her maiden name Deitrick) takes over the illustrating duties in her very first comic book assignment!
Though she tries to match Walker's layout style and sense of humor, the tale from Fiction House's Planet Comics #23 (1943) is but a pale shadow of what Walker would have done with the same script!
This is not a dig against Hopper!
Walker was a unique talent, and anybody following him would suffer by comparison.
Fran found her niche doing other strips like Gale Allen and Her Girl Squadron and Yank Aces of World War II, rendering over 120 stories exclusively for Fiction House via the Iger Studio during her career!
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