Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Fun JETTA OF THE 21st CENTURY "Celestial Celebrity"

It's 2018, and high schools still have yearbooks....
...just as this tale of this era from Standard's Jetta of the 21st Century #7 (1953) projected!
It's amazing how little "teen humor" has changed in the 65 years since this tale was published!
With just a little modification, this could easily be a current Archie tale with Dilton Dooley's gizmos getting out of control!
Written and penciled by the legendary Dan DeCarlo, inked by Fred Eng.

BTW, we'd like to extend our thanks to the amazing Kracalactaka, heroic contributor to both the Digital Comic Museum and ComicBookPlus, for these Jetta scans and the ones from last week!
It's people like him who assure that comic book art will be appreciated for generations to come!
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