Saturday, January 20, 2018

Reading Room TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS "Master of the Living Bones" Conclusion

...a meteor crashes near Tragg, Lorn, and Jarn's new seaside cave home.
Keera, exiled from her defeated people's camp, sees the meteorstrike, and believing it to be another Yargonian ship, goes to investigate.
The alien sees three shadowy beings, The Dark Gods, crack open the meteor and revive the dead alien, Ostellon, within.
She also overhears the Dark Gods command Ostellon to slay Tragg, who is destined to be the father of the modern human race...including the Dark Gods' greatest nemeses in the future, Dagar the Invincible and Doctor Spektor!
Keera rushes to warn her unrequited love, Tragg, and is given sanctuary and food...
"Forget Ostellon! He and the Dark Gods are gone!"
Not in the future...which was already published!
Ostellon's battles with Dagar and Dr Spektor had already occured...and are available in the reprints listed below!
This was the last issue of Tragg's series to feature new material!
The next (and final) issue reprinted #1.
But that wouldn't be Tragg's last appearance!
One more adventure (with a shocking plot twist) was waiting to be told...
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