Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Reading Room STRANGE WORLDS "They Call Me...Space Pirate"

You know Joe Sinnott as one of the greatest inkers of all time...
...but, when he had the time, he could pencil a mean story, too!
This simple but effective, never-reprinted tale from Atlas' Strange Worlds #5 (1959) gives an idea of the level of artistic talent available in the early days of the Silver Age to editor Stan Lee, who plotted the story which was likely scripted by his brother, Larry Lieber...who was also a competent penciler, but could be a tad long-winded, as panel 5 of the last page demonstrates!
Sinnott's layouts and storytelling are solid, but not as dynamic as fellow artists like Jack Kirby, Don Heck, and Steve Ditko, all of whom he would later magnificently enhance with his detailed inking!
Joe would continue penciling through the 1960s for Vince Colletta's studio which provided art for Charlton, Dell, and advertising clients.
Unfortunately, Colletta did most of the inking on those stories, resulting in Sinnott's work being almost unrecognizable!
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