Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sir John Hurt (1940-2017)

Somebody, after seeing Alien, said about John Hurt...
.."Never has an actor been more aptly-named!"
Hurt portrayed an amazing assortment of tormented characters over the years, especially in genre films!

And, sadly, a role that may presage the fate of all of us...
Rest Well, Sir John. And God Help the Rest of Us...
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Friday, January 27, 2017

Reading Room TALES TO ASTONISH "Monstrom! The Dweller in the Black Swamp!"

Last week, a mini-series debuted...
Art by Francesco Francavilla
...featuring Marvel's heroes and heroines vs monsters from the company's pre-superhero "Atlas Comics" days in the 1950s!
So, what we're going to do over the next few Fridays for the run of the title is present the first appearance of the cover-featured monster!
Art Adams
(Yes, the first issue was last week, but we had a different bloated orange swamp monster to deal with that Friday!)
So let's play "catch up" with..."Monstrom!The Dweller in the Black Swamp!
This story from Atlas' Tales to Astonish #11 (1960) by writer Stan Lee, penciler Jack Kirby, and inker Dick Ayers has been reprinted a number of times, almost always as the cover feature...
Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers
Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, and Marie Severin
Ron Wilson, Mike Esposito, and Frank Giacoia
Monsters Unleashed looks like a lot of fun, so get it at your local comic shop...NOW!
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Reading Room aka the Outhouse FARMERS DAUGHTER "Gig McCoy: Around the Cracker Barrel 2"

...with a story about another businessman who specializes in tall tales!
This never-reprinted story from Stanhall's Farmer's Daughter #2 (1954) was typical of the sort of lowbrow humor the publisher specialized in.
With titles including Broadway-Hollywood Blackouts and G.I. Jane, Stanhall produced adult-oriented (but never more risque than PG-13) humor.
Animator Hal Seegar was the editor/writer/illustrator for the non "good girl" strips like this one, while Bill Williams handled the art for the more risque material (like the title feature) which Seegar wrote and edited.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reading Room LOST WORLDS "Space Race"

If you think a high-speed auto race is fun...
...what if the race was between high-speed spacecraft?
This is the sort of story that proves the trope that most sci-fi of the Golden Age was just re-written Western stories.
Replace the horse or stagecoach with a spaceship, six-shooters with ray blasters, and Indians with aliens, and voila, a sci-fi story!
This never-reprinted tale from Lost Worlds #6 (1954) was penciled by John Celardo and inked by Bernard Sachs.
The writer is unknown.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Reading Room HILLBILLY COMICS "MacSleezys (Don't Trust Them)"

Let's look in on Don the Con's "Deplorables"...
...with a typical rural family of typical intelligence and morals!
Written and illustrated by Art Gates, this tale from Charlton's Hillbilly Comics #1 (1955) was part of a brief trend in comic books during the Li'l Abner series' greatest popularity in the mid-1950s!
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Reading Room FANTASTIC WORLDS "Invaders"

The short-lived anthology Fantastic Worlds featured Earth-based stories...
...contrasting with the other anthology from Standard Comics, Lost Worlds, which was a space-opera book.
This tale from Standard's Fantastic Worlds #5 (1952) was drawn by Alex Toth and Mike Peppe, though the writer is unknown.
(Page 7, Panel 6 is apparently a redraw by Carmine Infantino!)
BTW, though it's #5, this is actually the first issue of the title!
There was no #1-#4!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

She'll Love Valentine's Day Gifts from LOVE DIARIES & LOVE LETTERS!

Art by John Buscema
Until the intro of texting, blogs, MySpace and FaceBook, the main way people kept track of their love lives was thru Love Diaries & Love Letters!
In fact, those contents of those small books with the easily-broken locks made up one of the most popular sub-categories of romance comics, with literally dozens of titillating titles!

Let our selection of the best of these these kitchy, campy (and very kool) classic comics covers help you express your true feelings on the Most Important of Days--Valentines Day on greeting cards, teddy bears, mugs, and even "naughty" undies!

And, if they can't assist your love-life, perhaps something from one of our other sections at True Love Comics Tales™ including...
All You Need is Love...
Beatrice Fairfax
Lovers Lane
Mod Love
School of Love (or is that Love in School?)
Tender Love Stories
WarTime Love
Western Love
will help get your point across on the Most Important of Days!