Monday, November 27, 2017

Cover Gallery: STRANGE WORLDS Inside Front Covers featuring "Kenton of the Star Patrol"

Avon Comics often put their "contents page" on the inside front cover...
Issue #3 art by Wally Wood
...with an all-new illustration by the best artist available, instead of clip-art from the stories, as this gallery of the ifcs of Strange Worlds issues featuring Kenton of the Star Patrol shows!
(Note, BTW, that Kenton gets top billing, being the first image on each IFC!)
Issue #4 art by Wally Wood
Issue #5 art by Wally Wood
Issue #6 art by Everett Raymond Kinstler
Marvel, and several other publishers, now use the inside front cover to do a contents or synopsis page, but they usually use existing art from previous stories or from the current issue.
FYI, when stories from Avon Comics were reprinted by IW/Super Comics in the late 1950s-early '60s, the reprints usually left out the ifcs, since the film negatives and photostats for covers weren't stored with "repro" (as it's called by printers) for the interior pages.

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