Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bring Home a Cave Girl This Christmas!

In the 1940s-50s, one of the most popular genres in comics was the "jungle hero", the most famous one of all being Tarzan.
A horde of imitators followed, with some interesting variations, including an entire sub-genre--the "jungle heroine"!
While many had weird names like "Sheena", "Rulah", or "Zoot", one of the best-illustrated was known only as "Cave Girl"!
Rendered by noted "good girl" artist Bob Powell, Cave Girl cut a svelte path thru Africa's villains for four exciting issues!
The Atomic Kommie Comics™ crew has found a home for two of her best covers on shirts, mugs and other stuff in our Heroines™ section.
As a cool retro-styled Christmas gift, she appeals both to guys who enjoy seeing an attractive woman in dynamic action, and gals who like viewing an empowered woman who stands tall and proud in a male-dominated world!
And, you might want to combine one of our collectibles with a spectacular Cave Girl reprint book from Dark Horse Comics!
And, you can check out some of her tales at our fellow RetroBlogs™ HERE and HERE!
So put Cave Girl under the tree or in someone's stocking this Christmas.
But do it quickly, 'cause she won't stay put for long!
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