Thursday, October 19, 2017

Holiday Reading Room TORCHY "Haunted House Date"

We end this week's Haunted House-fest with one of the most popular...
..and politically-incorrect female characters of the Golden Age!
Torchy Todd wasn't quite a stereotypical blonde bombshell!
She did have a brain, and could extracate herself from most situations!
But her main attribute was how often she could end up in "cheesecake" poses, usually showing off her legs!
Created by noted good-girl writer/artist Bill Ward, Torchy had a long career during the Golden Age as a back-up strip in Quality's Modern Comics, Doll Man Quarterly, and her own 10-issue title!
Eventually, Ward moved away from the strip and others (including Gill Fox, who wrote and illustrated this never-reprinted tale from Modern Comics #98 [1950]) tried to fill his high-heeled shoes!
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