Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The RetroBlogs Mini-Marathons of 2017!

This summer, each RetroBlog presented a different mini-Blogathon, with some crossing-over between blogs...
The biggest Blogathon was the complete presentation of what many consider to be the first true graphic novel... the 132-page St John's digest-sized b/w one-shot It Rhymes with Lust by writers Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller and illustrator Matt Baker!
This was so cross-genre, it'll be appeared in Seduction of the Innocent, Crime & Punishment, True Love Comics Tales, Heroines, here in Atomic Kommie Comics, and in our newest RetroBlog; Not Safe for Work Comics!
You can start the inter-linked saga HERE!
Hero Histories presented two of the never-reprinted adventures of the Silver Age Plastic Man...his (sorta) origin...
and his team-up with Daddy (the Golden Age Plas) and sidekick Woozy Winks!
(BTW, the gorilla doesn't appear anywhere in the issue!)

Western Comics Adventures spotlighted the complete, never-reprinted adventures of a band of diverse wanderers united by tragedy known as The Bravados!

..and its' companion strip Dollar Bill Ca$h!
Plus: the final, never-published Lone Tiger tale, scanned from the original art!
And with the passing of Jerry Lewis, Secret Sanctum of Captain Video dropped it's look at the never-reprinted adventures of Captain Justice...based on the lost TV series Once a Hero...
...to present never-reprinted classic team-ups of DC heroines...
...and heroes with Jerry!
Still to come...Superman and the 1960s Batman & Robin!
BTW, Captain Justice will pop up before Christmas!
We don't want to miss the show's 30th Anniversary!

Sadly, due to the crush of work...and some serious vacation partying...we weren't able to do how the Comics Code altered reprints in sometimes ridiculous ways at Seduction of the Innocent!
Before the Comics Code...
After the Comics Code...
...so that one will be set for Halloween!

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