Thursday, September 21, 2017

Reading Room 3-D COLOR CLASSICS: TIME MACHINE (Conclusion)

Victorian-era inventor John travels to the future and discovers that, after reaching a pinnacle of scientific development, mankind has deteriorated to two groups of primitives!
Above-ground dwellers are peaceful, but those who lurk below are savage!
The underground humans steal John's time-travel vehicle...and then, one of his new-found friends, a woman named Weena.
Seeking both, the chronic argonaut goes below the surface, where he discovers the hostile cave dwellers, known as "Morlocks", are hyper-sensitive to light.
Finding his machine and the woman, John heads for the surface with her, planning to return for his vehicle...
Note: John says to the Morlocks; "Perhaps one of my distant ancestors will meet you!"
If they're in the future, wouldn't it be one of his descendents?
If you want to see how much this never-reprinted 1995 adaptation varies from the original book, click HERE to read the original novel!
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