Monday, August 21, 2017

Reading Room AN EARTHMAN ON VENUS Part 1

After the success of Princess of Mars and the other Barsoom tales...
..."scientific romances" became a major genre in pulp fiction, with tales of Earthmen transported to alien worlds appearing in both genre and mainstream magazines!
One of the more successful "high-adventure on other worlds" series was the Radio Man saga by Ralph Milne Farley.
Set on Venus, the tales of radio expert Miles Cabot were different enough from John Carter's adventures to warrant a half-dozen magazine serials, all of which were compiled as stand-alone novels.
Here's a kool article about the series at
The first story, Radio Man, was retitled Earth Man on Venus when Avon reprinted it in the 1950s.
Art by Ray Johnson
Simultaneous with the reprint was a one-shot comic adaptation illustrated by Wally Wood with Joe Orlando and Sid Check doing inking and minor redrawing.
(The adaptation's scripter is unknown.)
Ironically, the comic book version has been reprinted numerous times, and is probably far more familiar to current sci-fi fans than the original story (which is a shame, since the novel is pretty good)!

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