Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Reading Room SKATEMAN COMICS "FutureWorld"

Here's a "lost" tale by a talented artist nobody remembers...
...from a 1980s comic most people would rather forget!
With story and layouts by Jack Arata, inks by Andy Kubert, this never-reprinted tale from Pacific's SkateMan #1 (1983) is one of three sci-fi stories from Arata's brief comics career that spanned less than two dozen tales from 1982 to 1986.
A graduate of the Kubert School, he worked mostly for DC before returning to his farming roots in California, where he passed away in 2013.
As to why SkateMan the comic is so...well...reviled...this synopsis may explain it to those who didn't, like myself, live through it.
Oddly, despite its' reputation, the book is now extremely Hard to Find...and pricey!
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