Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Fun BIG APPLE COMIX "Man Without a City!"

To a New Yorker, there's no fate more frightening...
...than to be forever exiled from the Big Apple!
I speak from first-hand experience.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, I went to high school in Manhattan and lived there after graduating college until 1999, when I began commuting between NYC and Chicago, eventually settling in Chi-town full-time in 2006.
Only taking occasional trips back to the Land of My Birth to see clients and family helps me keep my sanity!
Lord knows what condition I'd be in if I were exiled like the story's protaganist!
Written by Marvel's main production person for several decades, Stu Schwartzberg (who was also a Shazam Award-winning scripter of Crazy Magazine), penciled by Stu and the multi-talented Marie Severin and inked by Marie, this never-reprinted tale from Big Apple Comix #1 (1975) perfectly captures the "Noo Yawker" love-hate dichotomy!
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