Monday, March 6, 2017

Trump Reading Room aka the OutHouse HILLBILLY COMICS "Gumbo Galahad Meets Handsome Bill and the Tiger"

Just as every rational, intelligent person knows pro wrestling is fake...
...irrational, unintelligent sorts like Don (the Con) Trump's detestables believe it, like Jabba the Trump himself, is legitimate!
Written and illustrated by Charlton mainstay Art Gates, this story from Charlton's Hillbilly Comics #3 (1956) was clearly-based on Al Capp's then-immensely popular Li'l Abner newspaper strip which had been running as a musical on Broadway and was in preparation as a feature film!
In addition, the tale references pro wrestling, which had experienced a major upswing in popularity due to it's becoming a television mainstay!
Astoundingly, to this day, there are those who believe pro wrestling and the antics sourrounding it (which, BTW, Don the Con participated in) isn't unscripted/plotted/planned/choreographed.
And, apparently, most of them are Jabba the Trump's delporables...
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