Thursday, March 2, 2017

Reading Room STRANGE TALES "Zzutak: the Thing that Shouldn't Exist!!"

What could be kooler than a Kirby Kreature tale?
Answer: a Kirby Kreature tale inked by Steve Ditko!
Since plotter Stan Lee, scripter Larry Lieber, penciler Jack Kirby, and inker Steve Ditko ended this chapter of the two-parter from Atlas' Strange Tales #88 (1961) at this point, we'll pause until tomorrow before continuing!
As you may have guessed, Zzutak is the cover-featured monster on the current issue of Marvel's Monsters Unleashed!
And. is this a great Francesco Francavilla cover, or what?
Monsters Unleashed looks like a lot of fun, so get it at your local comic shop...NOW!
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Monsters Unleashed: Prelude
(which doesn't include Zzutak's premiere appearance!)

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  1. The is in my top five monster tales from Marvel, a delightful fantasy with some of the best Kirby-Ditko artwork ever. Zzutak is awesome.

    Rip Off


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