Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reading Room NOT BRAND ECHH "King Konk '68"

You might have heard there's a new movie coming this weekend...
...and before it arrives, we thought we'd take a look at an earlier tale about the big guy...sorta...
There's lots of then-topical references to people and events of the late 1960s, so those not old enough to remember them might want to Google some the subjects.
The protagonists are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the Brangelina of the 60s-70s.
Many references are to their movies together like Butterfield 8 ("Butterfield Ape")
Other celebs include Hugh Hefner and Hubert Humphrey.
There are also cameos by now-obscure comics characters like Phantom Eagle and Blackhawk.
Written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Tom Sutton (with a cover and celeb caricatures in the story by Marie Severin), this mini-classic was hidden in comics collectors' longboxes for over 40 years until Marvel finally reprinted it in a Not Brand Echh Masterwork.
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