Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Reading Room BLACK MAGIC "Cry for Help!"

Most comics fans know Prize's Black Magic series as...
...one of the Simon/Kirby team's best projects.
But, as you can see from this non-S&K tale, there was more to it!
The S&K team's tenure ended when the book was cancelled with #33 in 1954, due to the mass cancellations of horror comics caused by the "Seduction of the Innocent" hysteria generated by Fredric Wertham.
When the book was revived as a Comics Code-approved sci-fi title with #34 in 1957, Joe Simon returned as editor, but the ongoing partnership with Kirby had ended and Jack didn't participate in the new version.
Simon and Kirby would reunite, briefly, at Archie to co-create The Fly and Double Life of Private Strong, but they wouldn't work together again until the duo co-created a new version of The Sandman for DC in 1974.
This particular story, by penciler/inker Ted Galindo and inker Bill Draut is from the final issue...#50 (1961).
Note: Didn't the son's "future self" say he had found the frozen dinosaur two years earlier?
But he also said he was from 1970...ten years in the future.
So, unless my math is really off, the son wouldn't find the dinosaur for another...eight years!
How did he find it now?
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