Saturday, February 4, 2017

Trump Reading Room aka the OutHouse OZARK IKE "Premiere Appearance"

As SuperBowl Sunday approaches...
...lets see how Jabba the Trump's "deplorables", unconcerned by such things as concussions or brain damage, play football!
The rest of the issue deals with the multi-talented Ike playing baseball, so we'll run it during baseball season.
Yes, the King Features strip was created in the mid-1940s as a competitor to Al Capp's wildly-successful Li'l Abner series!
No, it was nowhere near as successful.
The only known licensed spin-offs were this one-shot reprint collection in Dell's Four Color Comics #180 (1948), a subsequent 1950s comic series for Standard/Better/Nedor. and a couple of reprint paperbacks from Blackthorne Publishing.
Writer/artist Ray Gotto, though not a familar name to comics fans today, achieved sports immortality for designing one of the iconic images of baseball history still in use almost 60 years later: The New York Mets' logo!
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