Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Reading Room THRILL-O-RAMA "Old Hulk"

A never-reprinted tale from an influental artist...
...whose greatest contributions were to animation, not comics!
(And no, it's not Alex Toth!)
During the mid-1960s, Harvey Comics jumped back into superhero and sci-fi/fantasy comics with several titles combining a mixture of reprints and new material.
This tale from Thrill-O-Rama #1 (1965) was one of the "new" ones, though it's likely left over from Harvey's previous sci-fi anthology, Race for the Moon (1958).
Though the writer is unknown, the artist is Doug Wildey, who spent several years in comics, but found working in tv animation steadier and more profitable!
His many credits include Jonny Quest, Godzilla, and, Return to the Planet of the Apes!
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