Thursday, February 23, 2017

Reading Room CALVIN "Deadman's Hill"

Winter's already becoming a fading memory.... let's have a winter-themed tale to remind us of what we missed this year!
Written and penciled by Kevin Banks and inked by "NT", this backup story from Marvel's Li'l Kids #12 (1973) ended a brief, 3-issue run of stories that seemed recycled from vaudeville routines and 1940s-50s animated cartoons.
What makes the strip somewhat more fascinating is the identity of the little-known writer-artist behind it.
"Kevin Banks" was not a pseudonym, but the name of a staffer at Marvel in the early 1970s!
Even the ever-amazing comics researcher Nick Caputo could find little about the mysterious Mr Banks, as seen HERE.
What Banks did after working at Marvel is unknown.
Did he work in advertising?
Become an art instructor?
Switch careers and become an accountant or fireman?
We may never know the answer...
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