Monday, January 2, 2017


...produced not one...
...but two...
...classic blacklite posters in the early 1970s!
Third Eye Studios produced, using Marvel artwork, a line of fluorescent-ink posters, greeting cards, and puzzles that glow under ultra-violet ("black") light...
(Click to enlarge)
...all of which are now hard-to-find and expensive!
Ironically, the hardest to find and most collectible posters are the montage shown above and this one with new art by John Romita Sr...
(Click to enlarge)
...which were not for sale, just display!
There were three Doctor Strange posters, the two Colan/Palmer ones and a Dan Adkins piece.
Note: while all the puzzles repeated art from the posters, some of the greeting cards used art not seen on the posters, so while there are repeats, there are also unique cards that make the set worth collecting!
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