Saturday, August 13, 2016

Reading Room: JUMPIN' JUPITER "No Soup"

The mind of writer/artist Basil Wolverton was a fascinating thing... this example of his humor work from Key Publications' Weird Tales of the Future #2 (1953) demonstrates!
Whether it's his ongoing SpaceHawk strip or any of the numerous one-shot tales he did, Wolverton's Golden Age output was always instantly-recognizable!
This humor strip ran in #2 thru #5 of Key Publications' Weird Tales of the Future, along with several sci-fi/horror stories also written and illustrated by the amazing Basil!
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Reading Room: JETTA OF THE 21st CENTURY "Man Trouble"

To help ease the pain of returning to school on August 15th, here's fun with the futuristic femme, Jetta! this case, her very first apperance from Jetta of the 21st Century #5 (1952), which was actually the first issue.
(Issues 1-4 were a romance comic called Today's Romance!)
Ya gotta love the futuristic slang they thought would be popular in the early 1950s!
Written and penciled by the legendary Dan DeCarlo, but may not have been inked by him.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reading Room: STRANGE ADVENTURES "Secret of the Cosmic Bullet!"

"Golden Gladiator"?
"Star Amazon"?
You't think this story should be in our brother RetroBlog, Hero Histories!
But you'd be wrong...
This never-reprinted tale from DC's Strange Adventures #119 (1960) by writer Gardner Fox and artist Sid Greene plays on the concept that beings from other worlds could take our writings, both fictional and non-fictional, and implement them in "real life"!
BTW, note the house ad at the end for three other sci-fi anthologies!
Man, those were the good old days...
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reading Room 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY "Capture of 'X-51'" Conclusion

...when all the prototype robots of a secret government project are ordered to be destroyed, Dr Abel Stack refuses to allow the model he was testing, X-51, to be blown up.
Dr Stack had programmed X-51 with the emotional capabilities of a human being and renamed him Aaron Stack.
Considering the now-sentient robot to be the son he hever had, Stack removes the self-destruct bomb from X-51/Aaron and...
Beyond the use of the Monolith as a catalyst for change, this story arc bears no connection to the movie!
Written and penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Mike Royer, Marvel's 2001: a Space Odyssey #8 (1977) was the beginning of the end for the title.
(Note: John Verpoorten inked the cover)
From what I've been told, Marvel and MGM were at loggerheads over the book.
Ending their contractual obligation with a reduced run of 10 issues instead of the original 12, Marvel suggested Kirby come up with something that could be spun-off into it's own title.
Thus was born Mister Machine...who had to be retitled Machine Man due to the fact Ideal Toys had revived the popular 1960s toy and had plans for marketing and licensing the property to other media, including comics.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

Reading Room CAPTAIN JOHNER AND THE ALIENS "Conspiracy" the story takes a personal turn for Captain Johner...
With only four pages per quarterly issue to work with, fans' patience must have been stretched to the limit!
Aren't you glad RetroBlogs fans only have to wait a week between chapters?
Creator/writer/artist Russ Manning builds up suspense in this tale from Gold Key's Magnus, Robot Fighter #14 (1966).
The storyline's taking some interesting turns, including learning Johner has a first name!
Be here next week as the cavalry comes a'chargin!
BTW, note the sales figures on the last page!
This book was selling 235,000 copies an issue!
Publishers today would kill for those numbers!
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Captain Johner and the Aliens