Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reading Room JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY "Perfect Crime!"

More never-reprinted tales from Journey into Mystery...
...this time a crime story that veers into science fiction!
You'll note the last two panels are re-lettered.
I suspect the Comics Code Authority felt it was too cruel to allow the criminal to die for something he technically didn't commit!
This was one of the two tales backing up Mighty Thor's very first appearance in Marvel's Journey into Mystery #83 (1963).
Don Heck penciled and inked the tale.
Stan Lee plotted it, but experts are not sure if he scripted it.
Lee usually signed the later shorts he scripted, but only Heck's signature is here.
Just about everything Lee didn't script at this point was handled by his brother Larry Lieber.
(Stan's birth name is Stanley Leiber. He used "Stan Lee" on his comics work because he wanted his real name on the Great American Novel he planned to write.
When he finally realized he would be forever known for his comics and not any prose novel he might write, he legally changed his name to "Stan Lee".)
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