Saturday, October 29, 2016

Frankenstein Reading Room ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS "Scared Silly" Part 3

...Jerry Lewis had rented a supposedly-haunted house for $12 a month.
It was "haunted" former horror movie stars Boris Killoff (Krankenstein), Bela Le Ghouli (Drinkula), and Peter Leery (Dog Boy), who were preparing for a return to the silver screen!
The trio had invited a noted film director to visit, hoping to impress him with their ability to still scare moviegoers!
But there's been a complication, as Bela Le Ghouli explains...
Don't ya just love a happy ending?
As a bonus, here's a feature from this issue about artist Bob Oksner, whom I've felt has been under appreciated by today's fans...
This winds up the Frankenstein Reading Room for this year.
It'll return next year when the wind blows cold and the moon shines bright.
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