Thursday, October 27, 2016

Frankenstein Reading Room ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS "Scared Silly" Part 1

Our final Frankenstein Reading Room tale is...unique... Frankenstein and friends meet...Jerry Lewis???
This rather weird tale from DC's Adventures of Jerry Lewis #83 (1964), written by Arnold Drake and illustrated by Bob Oksner, was typical of the sort of stories that appeared in the comics DC published based on real-life entertainment personalities.
Though all but non-existent now, from the 1940s until the 1970s, almost every company published a couple of them!
Most were based on adventure/action actors like John Wayne, Buster Crabbe, or Roy Rogers, usually with an Old West theme.
But DC's longest-running ones were based on Jerry Lewis (124 issues plus a Super DC Giant from 1952 to 1971) and Bob Hope (109 issues from 1950 to 1969), both of which leaned heavily on fantasy/sci-fi plotlines!
In fact, outside of Universal movie re-runs on TV, the place kids most frequently saw Frankenstein and his pals in the 1960s were in the Lewis and Hope comics!
(More tomorrow)
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