Thursday, October 13, 2016

Frankenstein in the Swinging Sixties: ZIK! THWOCK! ARRGH!

The story we showed you HERE was not the Frankenstein Monster's only 1960s comic appearance...
...though some would like to forget this version!
After publishing a very loose adaptation of Universal Pictures' 1931 movie (as seen HERE), Dell decided to ride the "Pop Art" wave and do superhero versions of the various Universal Monsters!
For whatever reason, Universal didn't approve of the concept, but Dell went ahead anyway, removing any visual or story reference to Universal's versions of the characters to avoid trademark and copyright conflicts, utilizing only elements from the original (public domain) novels.
The end results were...unique.
Read them for yourself...if you dare...
(Issue #1 was the movie adaptation!
The superhero version started with #2)
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