Friday, September 23, 2016

Reading Room STRANGE JOURNEY "Space is a Secret"

Before you read this tale, go HERE...
..because this is the second version of this story!
Like almost all other comics publishers, Ajax/Farrell was hit hard by the Seduction of the Innocent witch-hunt of the 1950s.
They survived where many others didn't by kow-towing to the sometimes inane restrictions placed on them by the censor agency created by the industry itself...the Comics Code Authority!
This story, from Ajax/Farrell's Strange Journey #2 (1957) is a classic example of how extreme the Code took matters.
Every page has alterations, including changing the ending (in the original version, the Earthmen never escape)!
The final version, taken back to it's original level of horror...and beyond...can be found on our "brother" RetroBlog, Seduction of the Innocent!
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