Thursday, September 29, 2016

Reading Room TWILIGHT ZONE "Joiner"

Yesterday we presented a comics tale that could've been a kool Twilight Zone episode..., submitted for your approval, we present a cover-featured Twilight Zone comic story that would've been too expensive to produce during the show's intitial run!
The first few issues of a Twilight Zone title were produced by Dell Comics, featuring ex-EC Comics artists!
(All the tales in this issue were illustrated by George Evans and Reed Crandall!)
Beneath a nicely-done George Wilson-painted cover lies a tale about a man many of us can identify with...
In Dell's Four Color #1288 (1962), writer Leo Dorfman and artists George Evans & Reed Crandall deliver a "revenge of the nerd" tale any sci-fi fan would appreciate.
Fraternal organizations with funky garb like the "lodges" shown in this story were popular until the late 1980s-early 1990s.
To give you an idea of how they were portrayed in pop culture, go HERE.
Note: this was the second of four Twilight Zone issues produced by Dell Comics before they split into two companies, Dell and Gold Key, with almost all the ongoing movie-TV tie-in licenses moving to Gold Key.
There were 92 issues of the second Twilight Zone series from 1963 until 1982, with no stories adapted from the show itself, though some share similar plot elements!
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