Thursday, August 4, 2016

Reading Room STRANGE GALAXY "Terror Asteroid"

With a kool title like this... can bet there'll be thrills aplenty in the dark void of space!
If you think this story from Eerie Publications' b/w magazine Strange Galaxy V1N11 (1971) has a curiously-1950s feel to it, you'd be right...sort of.
Though the art by Antonio Reynoso is new, the story itself is lifted, with only minor caption and dialogue changes, from a tale in Avon Comics' Strange Worlds #9 (1952)!
We'll bring you that one, tomorrow!
Note: Reynoso was one of numerous South American artists used by Eerie to re-interpret old comics stories in an updated, usually gorier, style for the b/w magazine market.
In fact, he did more stories (over 80 of them) than any other artist!
And, unlike most of their other illustrators, he worked exclusively for Eerie in the American comics business!

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