Thursday, July 7, 2016

Reading Room FLIP FALCON IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION "One Million AD (Give or Take a Millennium)"

Just go with the synopsis above, and we'll fill you in on the name change later...
It's fascinating to see concepts that today's writers would use as the premise for an entire mini-series get tossed aside in only six pages!
But that's exactly what happened in this never-reprinted tale from Fox's Fantastic Comics #4 (1940)!
Writer/artist Don Rico was coming up with such weird ideas that this was, literally, just a distraction from the main plotline!
But on to more important matters...
Why did "Flick Falcon" become "Flip Falcon"?
Remember, comics' lettering for both titles and word balloons/captions was almost always UPPER CASE!
When you look at the word FLICK, if the "L" and "I" are too close together, it looks like...well, you get the idea.
So, more or less, in mid-story, "Flick" became "Flip".
In fact, if you look at the captions and word balloons, there's extra space between "Flip" and the other words because they didn't want to reletter the whole story after altering Falcon's first name!

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