Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reading Room: FLASH GORDON "Chapter 4.1: the Man Who Would be Ming!"

...all you really need to know is Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless are finally about to meet face-to-face!
A classic high-adventure tale by writer Mark Schultz and illustrator Al Williamson, little-seen in either its' first publication in Marvel's Flash Gordon #2 (1995) or the reprint in the HTF Flesk Publications' Al Williamson's Flash Gordon: a Lifelong Vision of the Heroic (2009).
We have more rarities coming up, so watch for them!

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  1. I remember this when it came out (have both issues somewhere) and have always wondered how it was possible that a talent like Williamson roamed the comics landscape for so long with so little relative praise. He was almost invariably awesome.

    I passed on getting that Flesk book a few times and really feel I missed something special. Regret amigo.

    Rip Off


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