Friday, July 1, 2016

Reading Room CLIFF HANGER "Chapter Six: Blazing End"

...It's the big finale!
All will be explained as we go!
Get your popcorn and soda and ride along...
Don't ya love a happy ending?
Writer Bruce Jones and artist Al Williamson end their tribute to 1930s-50s movie serials in Eclipse's Somerset Holmes #6 (1984) in grand style with the hero getting the girl, the villain's base destroyed (with the chance the villain might have escaped), and the possibility of a sequel, which unfortunately, never appeared!

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  1. Nicely done with a series which deserved a higher profile. Al Williamson gets not nearly the praise he deserves, and he gets quite a bit. To me he was like John Buscema, a talent so large and natural that his gifts felt normal. He just delivered the goods time and time again.

    Rip Off


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