Friday, July 8, 2016

POLICE TRAP and the Human Side of Law Enforcement

After the senseless killing of five police officers in Dallas...'s important to realize that police officers/cops/the Five-0 or whatever you call them, are people like you and me, doing their jobs.
Yeah, there are a few scuzzballs, but every line of work has them.
Same with the police.
In that vein, have a look at our "brother" RetroBlog, Crime and Punishment.
In particular, the stories from a short-lived 1950s title called Police Trap, which gave us a look at cops as people, in the same vein as TV's Naked City, also from the 1950s, or the later Hill Street Blues.
And, if you see a cop on the street, smile and say "Hi!"
Let them know you appreciate them.

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