Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Reading Room: FLASH GORDON "Chapter 3.1: the Secret Origin of Flash Gordon!"

The wraparound inside cover for #2 by Al Williamson
...the untold story of Flash Gordon's first encounter with the inhabitants of Mongo!
Writer Mark Schultz and artist Al Williamson pulled off what many these days would consider to be impossible...a retcon that doesn't contradict any of the previous stories, nor requires a reboot of the character's entire history!
I thought only Rascally Roy Thomas was capable of such a feat!
Not only that, but it includes visual Easter Eggs relating to various past versions of Flash, including the Clay People from Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, a spaceship from the 1979 animated series, and Flash's father looking remarkably like Buster Crabbe, the actor who played Flash in all three serials!

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