Sunday, May 1, 2016

Shakespeare: the Graphic Novels!

If you're both a graphic novel and Shakespeare fan (or know someone who is)...
If you're a home stager looking for an interesting, kitchy, yet inexpensive, display piece for a library or den...
If you know a budding thespian (or are one)...
Or, if you feel the need to inspire a youngster who just isn't into classic literature, yet...
Why not try one of these three kool posters based on the first comics adaptations of the Bard of Avon by Famous Authors Illustrated!
The comics these images were derived from were produced in the 1940s-50s by a company competing with Classics Illustrated for the educational comics market!
They were so successful, that Gilberton Publishing, the owners of Classics Illustrated, bought out the company to eliminate competition!
Since these books are so hard to find today, one can assume that, when Classics issued their versions of these stories, they "suggested" that libraries and schools destroy the Famous Authors editions (to avoid confusing the kids, of course).

At any rate, these posters, available in several sizes up to 16" x 24" are the perfect size for bedroom, dorm room, or den, and come in a variety of paper types, from a matte finish poster stock to canvas!

Ods Bodkins!
Verily and forsooth!
If thou dost not acquire yon wall decor, than what canst we say but..."Lord, what fools these mortals be?"

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